“It’s not about the land” by Melissa Magnuson from the 3rd to the 7th of October 2016

Published by | 21/10/2016

It's not about the land

Melissa Magnuson first solo exhibition to showcase landscape, power and the San Carlos Apache community Opening on the First Thursday – East London night, it’s not about the land is Melissa Magnuson’s first solo exhibition. This work comprises large format photography, in situ installation that includes remnants of the landscape and video installation to explore the relationship of a Native American community with the land, as well as her own position as an outsider. The London based American born artist presents a facet of her recurring themes which include social identity constructs and complexities within landscape and power. She considers landscape not as an object, but a dynamic process that entrenches power relations and forms social identities. A critical component of her work method is the collaborative aspect of it; the integration of various players in the dialogue. In this particular context, she is reflecting on traces left behind three generations after the attempted cultural genocide of the Apache tribe by the US Government. The impact of post colonialism is explored through the activism, tribal rituals and day to day existence of people living on the “rez” in San Carlos Arizona. The work invites the viewer to consider the geopolitical realities of the San Carlos Apache community, while renegotiating the contradictory myths and what might be called history of the people, landscape and politics without a particular agenda. The challenge is to allow the complexity of the material shape a point of view. For further information about this exhibition, Melissa Magnuson’s work or any other queries, please contact Evlyne Laurin, artist liaison: e.laurin@melissamagnuson.com.

Opening night: 6 – 9 pm 3 November, 2016 Opening Hours: 10 – 7 pm 4 – 7 November, 2016 Artist Talk 3 – 4 pm 5 November, 2016

Hoxton Arches Arch 402 | Cremer Street | London | E2 8HDm_magnuson_inatl_2