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Welcome to a multicultural exhibition! Exhibiting female artists from war torn countries at Hoxton Arches on the 22nd of April.

This exhibition will present 5 different women coming from different war-torn countries. These women artists come from countries like Iran or Ukraine that we see every day in the news but also from countries like Syria that have been suffering from war for many years.

The aim of this exhibition is to have a safe place for these women to show the public how their art might have been influenced in the past few years due to unfortunate events. But also, a safe place for the public to ask, to understand better their situation. This exhibition will be where women from those minorities feel safe and understood. Our wish is to show the public that art can be used as a means of communication in the face of these events. We also hope to show people who are less aware of the situation in these countries to act.

To show that there is a reason why these women and men decide to leave their countries to find a better life elsewhere…

This exhibition is a non-profit event; all the money raised will be donated to different organizations from each of those countries. We also want to be able to pay those beautiful artists so that they can continue to show the world what they are capable of. More information @strandedheartlondon