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The Post Silver photographic exhibition brings together a collective of final year Photography students, exhibiting works at Hoxton Arches, London

The show will explore an array of photographic practices, negotiating the sense of tension created by different approaches to the medium. Displaying a variety of practices, seemingly adversary in their approach, the collection will highlight both the ambiguity and ubiquity of photography in a contemporary context.

In the globalised, digitised world, photography has become the predominant source of information by which we comprehend and interact with reality. The proliferation of photographic images has lead to an incomprehensible range of aesthetics, concepts and approaches.

The tradition of the gallery space as a clinical mode of communication for an individual vision or notion is an outdated trope. In the present we consume images without order or relationship to one another; here the space is used to reflect more closely the way that images are experienced at large.