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Seen: A Mental Health Exhibition

Brought to you by Made of Millions x Tumblr  

In 2013, Rose Cartwright published an article in The Guardian about her struggle with a little known subtype of OCD called Pure O. Her life, and the lives of many others, changed forever as a result. Messages poured in from around the world detailing the fear and pain people had endured at the hands of OCD. Rose’s story had humanized a highly stigmatized experience for thousands, maybe millions, of people. The response made something clear — for those battling a mental condition, there is nothing more powerful than feeling seen.

In the years since, Rose has written a book that is soon to be a Channel 4 TV drama, launched the first ever OCD chatbot, inspired countless others to tell their stories, and now, alongside Aaron Harvey, has created an international advocacy platform for the broader mental health community. On World Mental Health Day, Made of Millions will go live as a grassroots platform that combines art with advocacy in order to honor global changemakers, inspire local activism and leverage online tools for good.

In partnership with Tumblr, Made of Millions is hosting a 3 day exhibition that brings the power of digital communities into the real world. Featuring photography of Rose by artist Yumna Al-Arashi, the premiere of their joint short film Mindstory, and AR-enabled work from a handful of Tumblr creators, the event explores what it means to feel seen in the context of mental health and asks attendees: in our digital world, how can tech, community based movements and storytelling help keep future generations from suffering in silence?

Open to the general public 5pm to 9pm on Wednesday 10 October and Thursday 11 October at Hoxton Arches

Wednesday 10 October – 5pm to 9pm – open to general public

Thursday 11 October – 5pm to 9pm – open to general public