Dry hire itself means that the spaces and venues that are represented to event planners without any additional benefits available. In other words, you’ll just rent the venue without food, lighting or any entertainment features, just literally an empty space. This gives event planners full control over everything that can be selected for the event including catering, equipment, centerpiece, etc. So literally, you’re taking control of every aspect of the event.
In order, to not get confused dry hire could be also called Black canvas.

Is a dry hire good for my event?
The best answer is “it depends”. Simply, if you were able to set up the place in the best looking way in terms of appearance and facilities for your event at the cheapest price, then definitely dry hire is best for you. If you’ll get stuck in any of the aspects of setting up your event without the venue’s organization help, then you shall go the easy way and just hire the venue with the facilities that you’ll need.